Our activities

The company was founded in 2005, and its main activity is the sale of building materials. We have been selling and installing the Solarspot skylight systems since 2007. Since then, we have installed over 2000 Solarspot systems in Hungary.


Our mission and goals

Fénycsatorna Kft. bases its mission and philosophy on sustainability aspects: we believe that a company can only be successful if it also implements sustainable solutions in its everyday operations.

​In our opinion, the efficient utilisation of resources is closely related to sustainability and business success. The consideration and protection of the operating environment of companies, organisations, and homes, cost reduction objectives, the minimisation of the use of energy and resources, and the reduction of the emission of harmful substances require innovative solutions in this area, as well.

We would like to assist companies in realising benefits based on mutuality, co-existence, and a long-term view, with our innovative, environmentally friendly products, socially acclaimed services, expertise, experience, credibility, reliability, precision, and transparency.


International organisational background (Manufacturing company)

ISO - TUVSolarspot International Srl. was founded on the initiative of Brianua Plastica Spa for the development, production, and sale of the Solarspot light pipe system (14 March, 2003). The company is the leader of the roof structure sector and of the Energo Project company, which has long been involved in the development of energy use, particularly with regard to solar energy.

The operation of Solarspot International Srl. has been certified for the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system since 16.10.2014.

Solarspot product information

With the Solarspot skylight system you can provide natural illumination to any room, up to tens of meters away thanks to light pipes and refracting elements.

Use of our product enables a reductionin the use of energy and resources and of carbon-dioxide emissions, which provides an opportunity to create more energy-efficient warehouses, schools, office and residential buildings.

With this system you can contribute to environmental protection and at the same time create a tangibly more pleasant atmosphere and working environment for yourself, your family, and your colleagues by exploiting the positive effects of natural light.


Why is Fénycsatorna Kft your ideal partner?

Because Fénycsatorna Kft’s

  • experts not only know and exploit the opportunities inherent in environmental sustainability, but also believe in those.

This means that we believe in our responsibility and that the imprint we leave in this world indeed matters.

  • colleagues know that sustainable business operations and social responsibility are not a duty, but a commitment. At the same time, we also know that in addition to compliance this commitment also provides significant added value and business advantages to both companies and the society.

This new business attitude, which treats the economy, society, and environment as an integral unit, thereby establishing the long-term sustainability of businesses, has been fundamental in several Hungarian and international success stories.

  • places the emphasison long-term relations rather than on short-term cooperation.

This means that we guide our client as a dedicated partner to the world of sustainable building technology solutions, emphasising a preventive approach and the establishment of mutually beneficial economic, social and environmental operations instead of costly and inefficient “end-of-pipe” solutions.

  • holds exclusive know-how, patents and technology.
  • provides a complex service to our clients, from environmental impact studies all the way to installation.
  • competences allow it to create the most appropriate and customised service package in line with our client’s needs, using expert help.
  • professionals and subcontractors are reliable, as attested by many years of experience in this field and first-class references.
  • receives a high level of support for the installation of Solarspot systems from our parent company, Solarspot International Srl.


Daylight – Eco Friendly Lighting

One of the major challenges faced by the modern workplace in recent years has been the quest to find ways to significantly reduce energy consumption. Faced with the prospect of rising energy costs, the drive to reduce carbon emissions and forthcoming behaviour-orientated legislation, many businesses are now becoming critically aware of their need to act. And the key areas where businesses can make serious reductions in energy use are lighting, heating and ventilation.

Solarspot® tubular daylighting systems are used in virtually all types of commercial and industrial building throughout the world. The addition of natural daylight to a building not only meets current demands to significantly reduce energy used for lighting, it also helps to prevent heat build-up from solar-gain and so helps reduce the cooling requirements – saving on air-conditioning as well.

In addition to the obvious benefits of reduced energy consumption, lower fuel costs and carbon emissions, there are direct benefits to the occupants of day lit buildings that include reduced absenteeism, improved feeling of well-being (helping to combat ‘sick-building syndrome’ and SAD) and improved performance and productivity.

In addition to the cost saving and environmental benefits of using free and freely available daylight to illuminate buildings, daylighting living and working environments brings many other advantages. From improved worker health and productivity to reduced sickness absence, better academic performance and increased sales and, of course, improved sustainability. Add to that the legal requirements of a whole raft of Health & Safety legislation that daylighting can help to meet and it’s clear that daylighting can make a significant contribution to Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Many studies have been undertaken that look at the impact of daylighting on working environments. Summaries can be accessed by clicking on the links below.


Energy Savings

Effective daylighting can result in over 80% reduction in energy use, 90% cut in daytime energy consumption for electric lighting and up to 24% decrease in cooling load.


Improving the Workplace

Daylighting can help to lower accident rates and reduce the number of cases of stress and depression in the workplace as well as significantly boost worker productivity. It has also been shown to contribute to improving the speed of recovery for hospital patients.


Educational facilities that have installed daylighting systems have reported wide ranging benefits including improved academic performance and behaviour and reduced absenteeism. In addition, the cost savings made from reduced energy consumption free up money to be spent on educational facilities.


Property Value

Investment in daylighting systems has shown to yield significant returns over the life of buildings. While the reduced costs of HVAC equipment can result in reduced new build construction costs. And research has shown that daylit buildings can attract higher rates and sales value.


Residential Building

When daylighting systems are installed in residential applications the environment becomes a much more pleasant place in which to live. During the summer months, significantly less energy is spent on electricity for lighting. And even in the winter daylighting can make a contribution to reducing householders’ carbon footprint.



Retailers have reported up to 40% higher sales as well as reduced energy costs when they daylight their sites. This sector has been particularly successful in its adoption of daylighting technology with installations in outlets large and small.