Unrivalled performance and a fully comprehensive range of sizes makes Solarspot® systems your natural choice for tubular daylighting systems. Solarspot® is the only high-performance system guaranteed to deliver maximum daylight performance in Hungarian climate conditions.

The addition of Solarspot® tubular daylighting systems to any building, new or existing, not only reduces energy use and carbon footprint, it provides a better working or living environment – leading to improved well-being, productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Solarspot’s patented light capture technologies and the 99.7% reflective Vegalux tubing ensures that the maximum amount of natural light is harvested and transferred into the building below.

Solarspot® Daylighting Systems:

  • Dramatically reduces, or even eliminates, the use of electric light during the day
  • Improves productivity through increased sense of well-being
  • Reduces absenteeism and ‘sick-building’ syndrome
  • Superb thermal efficiency achievable
  • Dramatically reduces building overheating from solar-gain
  • Allows daylight into areas previously unreachable using traditional skylights
  • Increased security, both during and after construction, due to the use of smaller apertures compared to traditional skylights
  • Suitable for all Hungarian roof types

Solarspot® tubular daylighting systems are the natural choice for architects and building designers wanting to maximise the potential of natural light into new construction projects or existing building refurbishments.

For help technical specifications and guidance for daylight solutions please contact our support line on 06 20 / 99-99-004 or email us today!


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