1.) Why Solarspot?

We would like to recommend that the Solarspot light channels proven the most effective light transmission performance, which is underpinned by the Avis Technique on technical expertise set specifications, and the Hague court’s decision, which states that the Solarspot luminance by 50% more than most competing products the market. The above documents are available on this link (missing link), after registering.


2.) What are the fees for product?

Internationally, the product has a high reputation for her 2003 exhibition Batimat, which won a Gold Medal for Innovation. In 2009, in Hungary, the money thrown in the window within the application received the Innovation prize Solarspot system.


3.) What is the product classification?

The Solarspot light channels by the CSTB published in 2009, Avis Technique N ° 6/08-11798 of technical advise to have that available to everyone in French at this link. Hungarian translation available here (missing link) to registered users.


4.) Why a dome?

The Solarspot system is an important component of the roof dome is to be deposited, which is necessary for efficient light collection. The shape stands out due to tetősíkból so much more light can be collected as a skylight. At the same time it is located under the dome over the light-collecting optical lenses (RIR).


5.) What is RIR?

The RIR unit directly under the dome located in a semi-circle optical lens, which is able to collect all of the sky from the direction of the direct and scattered light from clear and cloudy skies as well, which transmit the light conduit wall. As a result, the optical device for collecting light from the north of the system can also benefit from indirect light.

6.) What is Vegalux?

A light coating on the wall of the duct, which provides a natural reflection of the light világítótestig. The combination of multi-layered Vegalux Saylighting DF2000MA – 3M reflective film special features, as well as researchers 50 years of experience in the aluminum technology.


7.) How it works?

The light-collecting dome, the RIR Vegalux lens and the optical channel with walls called. optical funnel form. Each beam is reflected along the channel világítótestig, thanks to the RIR fewer, but longer jumps and more light energy leads to dark places.


8.) What kind of lights you can choose from?

Individual needs and matching headlights lit room type selected. Basically two main types, circular and square-shaped lighting which is directly fixed to the ceiling. The different types of lenses is influenced by the distribution of light in the interior. The types of lights can be viewed here (missing link).


9.) How can you control the path of light channels?

The light transmitting Solarspot Extensions rigid, are 20, 30, 40, 60 and 120 cm in length are available in the installation. If you can not be solved with linear drainage channel, then 0-30 ° and 0-90 ° adjustable rotating elements can lead to the desired direction.


10.) The importance of natural light?

Natural light is an indispensable source of life for all living beings. Plays an important role in our lives, as it is not only linked to the vision, but also a significant psychological effect, contributes to well-being: the natural color perception, spatial perception, circadian rhythm regulation. The beneficial effect of light deprivation in many long-term disease.